Kirsi Pyrhönen

Niki Newd Ambassador, Model


"I love simplicity. I use only a few products and that is it.

My skin is sensitive, dry and it reacts to a lot of products. I have been using Niki Newd for more than a year now and I could not be happier.

I wash my face with the Oatmeal soap. To moisturize, I use Skin Cream and Skin Velvet. I love them for so many reasons, but mainly because combined, they visibly make a difference in my skin's evenness.

The best part of Niki Newd is that you can always mix the products to best fit your needs. A few drops of Velvet to add extra moisture, Mist to balance the skin, Butter to treat dry or irritated skin. So easy, so effective."

Our skin care menu

" I love that my skin care products are just as fresh as the food I eat - Gourmet to my skin"

Kirsi Kaukonen- Niki Newd Co- Founder