Niki Newd

Gourmet Mask Set

150 €

All in. Collection of all Niki Newd facial masks, when you just can’t decide.

About this set

This is the ultimate gourmet menu of all Niki Newd® skin masks - Beta Glucan, Coconut, Cocoa, Spruce Sprout & Yogurt!

The skin loves a change! This is why we have developed different variations of Niki Newd® skin masks with different twists –we like to shake things up by adding special ingredients to different products.

This set contains

Beta Glucan Skin Mask - Skin tone saviour
Yogurt Skin Mask - Secret wisdom of the past
Coconut Skin Mask - A natural blast of nutrients
Cocoa Skin Mask - Dessert for your skin?
Spruce Sprout Skin Mask - True Arctic power

    Get more familiar with these beauties on their individual product pages.

      You might wonder about the storing of Niki Newd unique ultra fresh skin care products. After all it's pretty simple. Only Skin Cream and Skin Mist are stored refrigerated. All the other products can be stored at room temperature.



      Skin Cream
      Skin Mist

      Keep refrigerated 2 month

      Skin Butter
      Skin Glow
      Skin Balm
      Skin Velvet
      Skin Silk
      Oatmeal Soap

      Room temperature 6 months
      All Masks Room temperature 2 months
      All Spa Products Room temperature Minimum of 6 months, see individual product use - by date


      Niki Newd Fresh and Natural Skin Care Delivered Globally

      Niki Newd fresh and natural skin care products are freshly blended in small batches. Orders are sent globally according to the chosen delivery method within 1-1,5 weeks from ordering.

      Below you can find details on the estimated times of delivery once the fresh product has been shipped from the Niki Newd laboratory.


      Pick up from Sam & Sally hair salon

      Tehtaankatu 16, Helsinki 

      Pick up your products conveniently and free of charge from Sam & Sally's!  We will personally notify you once your products are ready for pick up. 


      A quick personal guidance on using your products is available on request.

      The Helsinki city centre



      Deliveries during office hours between 9-16.

      Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen



      Deliveries between 18-20 .

      Finland Posti 3-6 business days.**

      5.20€ (shipment method not possible for deliveries including Skin Cream and/or Skin Mist)*

      Finland Posti Express 1-2 business days. 19,80€ (shipment method possible only for deliveries including Skin Cream and/or Skin Mist)*
      European Union & UK UPS Express 1-2 business days. 20,00€ (+essential cool packaging for Skin Cream and Skin Mist 10,70€)*
      USA, Switzerland & Norway UPS Express 1-3 business days. 25,00€ (+essential cool packaging for Skin Cream and Skin Mist 10,70€)*
      Japan & Korea UPS Express 3-4 business days. 28,00€ (due to long delivery times, we are currently unable to deliver Skin Cream and Skin Mist to these countries)
      Singapore UPS Express 3-4 business days. 28,00€ (+essential cool packaging for Skin Cream and Skin Mist 20€)*
      Australia, Argentina,  Brazil, Peru, New Zealand & Russia UPS Express 3-4 business days. 34,00€ (due to long delivery times, we are currently unable to deliver Skin Cream and Skin Mist to these countries)
      Other countries FedEx 2-5 business days. Cost is based on the address of the delivery and shipment weight.

      *Please note that Skin Cream and Skin Mist require express delivery in cool packaging and are stored refrigerated.

      **Please note that there may be occasional delays in the Posti delivery times and that Niki Newd is not responsible for the delays.


      Local VAT is included in our product prices. The recipient is responsible for any toll costs.


      Please note that because our products are fresh and perishable, and made according to the orders, Niki Newd® products are non-returnable after shipment. Examine your order upon delivery to ensure that there are no visible signs of damaged, missing or incorrect pieces. In case the product has been damaged in delivery, please contact Niki Newd® by the Contact Us Form on the site within 48 hours from receiving the order. In order for us to handle the complaint concerning damages to products occurred in delivery, the delivered product must be unopened and unused.


      Niki Newd Oy reserves the right to modify terms for order and delivery at any time. Our customers are advised to see terms of order and delivery in force from time to time before placing an order. 

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