Ingredients matter

Choosing ingredients for our products has always been a matter of heart to us. When developing the products, we always favour locally produced ingredients and we can proudly state that over 50% of our ingredients come from Finland. We also stick to 100% traceability as we always want to know where and from which farm the ingredient comes from.

We only use ingredients that are in their natural authentic form such as cold pressed organic oils. We also favour edible food grade quality ingredients over cosmetic grade ones. Food grade ingredients are never chemically treated compared to many cosmetic grade ingredients that are processed and bleached for industrial processes and industrial manufacturing.

Niki Newd products never include colourants, fragrances, preservatives, additives or synthetic ingredients. All our ingredients are sourced from farms and producers which work ethically and respect the environment and people.

Organic, Fair Trade, food grade, cold pressed, extra virgin, ethically produced, unbleached, family farm origin, local production, – these all are more like basic standards than exceptions for us.


All our products are 100% artisan made in our own laboratory in Espoo, Finland. Our production methods are gentle so that the delicate and versatile nutrients are always preserved in best possible way.
We manufacture our products freshly in small batches and ship products to customers straight from our laboratory. This way we can minimize storage, leftovers and unnecessary transporting.


Niki Newd products are packaged lightly and securely without any compromises on quality. We pack the products straight into delivery boxes thus leaving out all extra cardboard and plastic wrappings. All packaging materials are recyclable.


Our domestic deliveries are carried by 100% carbon neutral Posti. Our international deliveries are shipped with DHL Express GoGreen carbon neutral service.

Design from Finland mark

Niki Newd has been awarded with Design from Finland mark.
It is a proof of Finnish design excellence and grants the transparency throughout the whole product life cycle. The quality, usability and sustainability of the products are top priorities. The Design from Finland mark makes sustainable shopping easier.