Satu Silvo
Satu Silvo
Niki Newd Ambassador
Actress, Entrepreneur, Speaker
"Niki Newd fresh cosmetics bring true relief in the constant battle against Rosacea. Oatmeal Soap combined with the use of Skin Glow has made it possible for me to stop using a prescription cream. Even though I still get some spots at times due to stress or exposure to too much sun, they are quickly calmed in a safe and natural way.

A spritz of Skin Mist, a small amount of Skin Cream and a drop of Skin Velvet moisturize and soften the skin wonderfully during the cold winter season.

For someone who consumes a mainly organic diet, fresh cosmetics are something amazing: natural ingredients, no toxins and no unnecessary packaging."
Kirsi Pyrhönen
Kirsi Pyrhönen
Niki Newd Ambassador
"I love simplicity. I use only a few products and that is it.

My skin is sensitive, dry and it reacts to a lot of products. I have been using Niki Newd for more than a year now and I could not be happier.

I wash my face with the Oatmeal soap. To moisturize, I use Skin Cream and Skin Velvet. I love them for so many reasons, but mainly because combined, they visibly make a difference in my skin's evenness.

The best part of Niki Newd is that you can always mix the products to best fit your needs. A few drops of Velvet to add extra moisture, Mist to balance the skin, Butter to treat dry or irritated skin. So easy, so effective."
"Already after a week of using Niki Newd Skin Cream my skin felt like there was no going back to my previous skincare routines. My skin is breathing and feeling alive like never before. And best of all – I do not need a separate day or night cream anymore."
"My extremely sensitive and aging couperosa skin calmed down and smoothened with Skin Glow."
"My skin has never been this good during the dry and though winter season."
"Niki Newd Forever!
Freshness is the key!
Pure is the best!
Beeswax Beautifies!
Ideal Ingredients!
Superb Skin!"
"Skin Balm works like magic, even the driest, thirsty ”elephant skin” becomes nice and soft. Skin Cream is the best, like taking a fresh vitamin C shot."
"I am so excited to be one of the early adopter’s of this new, amazing totally natural, no additives and 100% organic skincare line. Every day as I apply my Niki Newd regime, I can literally see and feel how my skin glows as a result! Easy to apply with a pleasant, natural fragrance, I love the line. And as an extra bonus - it is unisex, which is handy since the products are very rich and only a little bit is needed to fully nourish the skin. Thank you Niki Newd and best of luck with the roll-out!"
"Skin disease cured in a mont – Now I have healty and glowing skin ! I have always been treating my skin with pharmacy products trying to make my combination skin better. I had been battling with perioral dermatitis with antibiotics but nothing helped. Stress, makeup and sweating were wearing on my skin, untill I began using Nikinewd (Skin velvet, Skin butter)! In a month my skin issue was completely cured and I was left with a luxuriously healty, glowing and nourished skin. My skin has never felt this good and I can honestly say that I have never felt this comfortable in my own skin."
"I love it! The skin feels wonderful after using the cream and you can feel the spring water drops (Skin Cream). Highly recommended."
"My skin simply demands these wonderfully fresh products. I love also the softness of the oatmeal soap and the gentle peeling with the linen washcloth. So much thought has been put into creating this unique concept - it is a lot more than just clever skin care, it is a ritual."
"I am 40 years old and I do a lot of sports, so my skin also needs the best lotions to breathe and to feel energized. I have used Niki Newd’s products for around one year and now my skin knows what it needs, for the rest of my life."
Sini -20
"I love especially Skin Velvet, Skin Glow and Skin Butter. Velvet is perfectly light for the summer, while Glow and Butter give the right amount of protection and moisture during winter. They all work very well under makeup."
Frida -31
"Skin Butter is perfect before bed. It moisturizes and cares effectively, and the skin feels fresh and soft in the morning. Works amazingly mixed together with Skin Mist when your skin is feeling extra dry. Skin Cream has a wonderful scent of seabuckthorn, it absorbs well and leaves the skin looking beautiful. My morning does not start without Oatmeal Soap, which lathers gorgeously and cleanses the skin efficiently without leaving it dry. "
Mia -28
"The skin on my cheeks, which is often red and very sensitive has calmed down and it even feels like the small developing wrinkles on my forehead have vanished. Niki Newd products are super good. Like world changingly good."