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Skin Mist 15ML

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Adjust the moisture of your cream or oil serum!

By combining a spritz of Niki Newd® Skin Mist with other Niki Newd® products you can create wonderful cocktails to meet the varying needs of your skin -day and night, whatever the season.

Skin Mist is a groundbreaking moisture spray that nourishes your skin's microbiome. Packed with Vitamin C, B5, and powerful hydrators like lactose and betaine, it fights aging, redness, and hyperpigmentation. Glucosamine boosts moisture balance and UV protection. With Skin Mist, hydration and protection are just a spritz away!

To ensure inimitable freshness and potency, the product should be kept refrigerated.

Skin feel
light weight spray, hydrating, balancing
Suited to
all skin types, dryness, impurities, loss of balance, unisex
can be used day and night



A combination of Skin Cream and Skin Mist is an absolute favourite. It works wonderfully on my dry skin, and I especially love the fact that I can regulate the moisture level with Skin Mist.

Catharine -52

Without Niki Newd, I would no longer know how to work and I have been using their products for 6 years. Perfect skin care for my needs. I mix Skin Mist, Skin Cream and Skin Butter.

Eeva -60

Skin Butter is perfect before bed. It moisturizes and cares effectively, and the skin feels fresh and soft in the morning. Works amazingly mixed together with Skin Mist when your skin is feeling extra dry.

Frida -32

I got the rash on my neck and chest under control in less than a week after using Skin Glow and Mist.

Outi -54

Skin Mist is perfect!

Suvi -48

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