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Skin Cream 30G

99 €

Remember to place your order by the 20th day to get your freshly blended product in the beginning of the next month.

Pioneering & uniquely moisturizing vitamin C cream 100% free from alcohol and preservatives!

Skin feel
medium-rich in consistency, hydrating, nourishing, radiant
Suited to
all skin types, unisex
Solutions for
dryness, dullness, loss of elasticity, fine lines
Good to know
Skin Cream loves to stay cool, so please keep it refrigerated. This cream combines potent doses of rejuvenating Vitamins C and E leaving the skin with an extraordinarily refreshed and soft feel.
Want to know more?
Niki Newd® Skin Cream is re-writing the history of moisturizing creams. When a cream contains water (aqua), it is usually preserved with alcohol and preservatives. However, using those in our products is against our fundamental values. Therefore we have decided to solve the matter differently -  we store the moisturizer in the fridge instead of room temperature. How cool, genius and simple is that? Just like freshly squeezed orange juice!


Niki Newd® Skin Cream is freshly blended according to your order– enjoy!

  • GRAPESEED OIL (food grade)
  • SPRING WATER (from Lapland)
  • BEESWAX (locally produced, unbleached)
  • VITAMIN C (freshly mixed, food grade)
  • SEA BUCKTHORN OIL (Arctic, cold pressed, food grade)
  • A boost of food grade VITAMIN E
  • nothing else

Full traceability, all ingredients have been hand-picked from organic farms and sustainable producers.

INCI: Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Water, Cera Flava, Ascorbic Acid, Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil, Tocopherol


Morning and evening, warm and mix between your hands and apply with rotating movements onto cleansed face, concentrating on dry skin areas. Works beautifully also around eyes. 

the size of a small pearl
yellowish shimmer from sea buckthorn oil
aromatic, fresh, zesty

You might wonder about the storing of Niki Newd unique ultra fresh skin care products. After all it's pretty simple. Only Skin Cream and Skin Mist are stored refrigerated. All the other products can be stored at room temperature.


Skin Cream & Skin Mist Keep refrigerated 1 month

Skin Butter
Skin Glow
Skin Balm
Skin Velvet
Skin Silk
Oat Meal Soap

Room temperature 3 months
All Masks Room temperature 2 months


Niki Newd Fresh and Natural Skin Care Delivered Globally

Niki Newd fresh and natural skin care products are manufactured according to customer’s order in small batches at the end of every month. Orders are dispatched globally right after manufacturing and are delivered according to the chosen delivery method. Below you can find details on the estimated times of delivery once the fresh product has been shipped from the Niki Newd laboratory.

Finland Posti Delivered immediately after manufacturing within 3-6 business days.**

5.20€ (shipment method not possible for deliveries including Skin Cream and/or Skin Mist)*

Finland DHL Express Delivered immediately after manufacturing within 1-2 business days. 14,80€ (shipment method possible only for deliveries including Skin Cream and/or Skin Mist)*
European Union & UK DHL Express Delivered immediately after manufacturing within 1-2 business days. 15,00€ (+essential cool packaging for Skin Cream and Skin Mist 7,50€)*
USA, Switzerland & Norway DHL Express Delivered immediately after manufacturing within 1-3 business days. 20,00€ (+essential cool packaging for Skin Cream and Skin Mist 7,50€)*
Japan & Korea DHL Express Delivered immediately after manufacturing within 3-4 business days. 20,00€ (due to long delivery times, we are currently unable to deliver Skin Cream and Skin Mist to these countries)
Other countries FedEx Delivered immediately after manufacturing within 2-5 business days. Cost is based on the address of the delivery and shipment weight.

*Please note that Skin Cream and Skin Mist require express delivery in cool packaging and are stored refrigerated.

**Please note that there may be occasional delays in the Posti delivery times and that Niki Newd is not responsible for the delays.


Local VAT is included in our product prices. The recipient is responsible for any toll costs.


Please note that because our products are fresh and perishable, and made according to your order, Niki Newd® products are non-returnable after shipment. Examine your order upon delivery to ensure that there are no visible signs of damaged, missing or incorrect pieces. In case the product has been damaged in delivery, please contact Niki Newd® by the Contact Us Form on the site within 48 hours from receiving the order. In order for us to handle the complaint concerning damages to products occurred in delivery, the delivered product must be unopened and unused.


Niki Newd Oy reserves the right to modify terms for order and delivery at any time. Our customers are advised to see terms of order and delivery in force from time to time before placing an order. 

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