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Skin Cream 30G

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The award-winning Skin Cream is rewriting the history of moisturizers!

Skin Cream is definitely the most addictive in the Niki Newd product family. It's no wonder it receives such high praise and award for its effectiveness! This cream has bestowed a beautiful, youthful glow on many who once felt hopeless about their skin.

The secret to its exceptional consistency and revered properties lies in the cream's freshness and meticulously chosen ingredients. Together, they work wonders in enhancing and preserving the skin's natural moisture balance while effectively combating premature aging and supporting the skin's own microbiome

Skin feel
feels amazing on the skin—cool, soft, and incredibly refreshing. (stored in the refrigerator)

medium-rich in consistency, hydrating, nourishing, radiant

Suited to
all skin types, dryness, dullness, loss of elasticity, fine lines.
we have also received wonderful feedback from our customers suffering from atopic dermatitis and rosacea
as a day and night cream. Works beautifully also around the eyes. Unisex.
mild, aromatic, fresh, zesty
Vitamin C Cream │ Niki Newd®
Skin Cream 30G Sale price140.00 €


These are the only products for my atopic skin that really work and support even in difficult times. I use Oat Meal Soap, Skin Velvet and Skin Silk alternately, and Skin Cream, which is absolutely insane.

Kia -30

I am Happy…my skin also! Your products (Skin Cream, Skin Mist, Skin Silk & Oat Meal Soap) are really fantastic! In a so short time I'm seeing great results with my acne. Personally I really love them.

Laura -52

Skin Cream is the best, like taking a fresh vitamin C shot.

Kari -60

I love Skin Cream! The skin feels wonderful and you can feel the spring water drops. Highly recommended.

Reetta -40

Skin Cream has a wonderful scent of seabuckthorn oil, it absorbs well and leaves the skin looking beautiful. 

Frida -32


We compared our own product to other skin care products containing vitamin C. We repeated the apple slice test created by Dermatologist Zion Ko Lamm.

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