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Skin Glow & Mist, Cocktailing Set

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Soothing hydration

About this set
Calming combination of premium cocoa butter combined with Arctic spring water moisture! The skin loves a change, and with this Cocktailing set you can focus on creating the perfect moisture level for you skin treatment at any time or season: just mix a fresh spritz of Skin Mist with Skin Glow.
This set contains
Skin Glow 15 g – Luxurious Niki Newd® Skin Glow is a true gourmet skin cream, praised by our gourmet friends who have always struggled in finding a staple product for sensitive and redness prone skin.

Skin Mist 15 ml
– A natural splash of fresh vitamins C and B5 combined with Arctic spring water. Enables you to adjust the moisture level of other products in this set.
Vitamins C and B5 are considered to diminish signs of aging, redness, inflammation and hyperpigmentation.
The lactose in Skin Mist enhances moisture retention on the skin and betaine supports fluid balance in the cells.
The spray also contains glucosamine, which is the natural precursor of hyaluronic acid, helping to maintain moisture balance and protect your skin against hyperpigmentation caused by UV radiation.
Betaine functions as an osmolyte maintaining the fluid balance of the cell. That is why betaine has a role in regulating the skin moisture and preventing the oxidative stress caused by UV radiation.

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Niki Newd® Skin Glow 15 g
Niki Newd® Skin Mist 15 ml


Morning and evening, blend together and enjoy the soothing and hydrating effects.

Niki Newd® Skin Glow & Skin Mist

Morning and evening, blend 1-2 spritzes with Skin Glow.  Warm and mix between your hands and apply with rotating movements onto cleansed face, concentrating on dry skin areas. Works beautifully also around eyes. 


Skin Mist refrigerated. Skin Glow at room temperature.

Moisturizing Toner │ Skin Care Set │ Niki Newd®
Skin Glow & Mist, Cocktailing Set Sale price$142.00
Design from Finland │Niki Newd®
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