Focus on premium edible ingredients without preservatives, alcohol and additives

We believe that the principles applied to healthy food and nutrition should also be applied to skin care. So, when thinking of preparing a wholesome gourmet dinner, what kind of ingredients would you choose? The best ones, of course.

And so would we! Therefore all of our ingredients are of the highest quality - natural, fresh and pure. We also focus on using food grade (edible) quality ingredients over cosmetic grade ingredients. In comparison, cosmetic grade ingredients are no longer suitable for human nutrition.

When designing new products, we start from the thought of how to complement the nutritional ensemble of our skin – just like healthy food. Also, in addition to favoring food grade options we always choose ingredients with scientific proof of supporting healthy skin. 

If you already use the best ingredients in the world, why add anything extra? We also want to cherish the natural microbiome of our skin by saying “no” to all of these: 

  • No additives
  • No alcohol
  • No synthetics
  • No preservatives
  • No added fragrances
  • No colour enhancing ingredients

Our products are 100% pure active ingredients processed to the bare minimum. Simple and effective. We take pride in serving you only the best – “bon appétit”!

Our skin care menu

" I love that my skin care products are just as fresh as the food I eat - Gourmet to my skin"

Kirsi Kaukonen- Niki Newd Co- Founder