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Our Beauty Studio will is located next to our brand store in Helsinki's Design District.

We have taken natural skin care treatments to a whole new level. Our Beauty Studio serves as a place of fresh skincare discovery and holistic well being for you.

Our concept is proudly novel and one-of-a-kind – the 100% natural treatments are based on authentic ingredients in their truest, freshest and most nutrient-packed forms.

”The standout for us was The Niki Newd Facial treatment. In just 75 minutes it promises to reset your skin and senses with a peel made from locally produced Finnish forest honey and a Spruce Sprout mask.”

"Before the treatment, my skin was dry on the surface and especially my forehead was disgustingly irritated and bumpy. After the treatment, the unevenness of the forehead is gone! The skin on my face is really soft afterwards..."

"The products felt pleasant on the skin, as did their fragrance. However, the best part was that after the treatment, my face looked so smooth and radiant that I didn't need any makeup. Radiance is often promised, but the promise is rarely fulfilled as well as this."

Niki Newd Skin Treatments


"I have chosen the treatments at Niki Newd Beauty Studio to fully support our philosophy of natural fresh skin care. I am convinced of their quality and results. It's important to me that they blend science and traditional wisdom, offering gentle, non-invasive treatments. Niki Newd Beauty Studio's selection meets these criteria, and I am extremely satisfied with the results I have achieved. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to enjoy natural and effective beauty treatments."

Love Kirsi