Niki Newd Skin Cream won the vitamin C test

To test the effectiveness of our Vitamin C Skin Cream, we compared our own product to other skin care products containing vitamin C. We repeated the apple slice test created by Dermatologist Zion Ko Lamm, where the effectiveness of a vitamin C in a product can be seen concretely through oxidation of the surface of an apple slice. 

How did we do the test?

  • we sliced organic apple into same-sized pieces
  • we applied an equal amount of each product to the apple slices A, B, C, D, E, F and left slice G without anything
  • we left the slices at room temperature for 14 hours and took a picture
  • Slice A was Niki Newd Skin Cream

Niki Newd Skin Cream was number one

Take a look at apple slice A - our Skin Cream. We were able to see the difference between the slices already after a few hours and the differences with other products became more and more visible with time. After 14 hours, the differences in the oxidation of the apple slices were quite noticeable. Based on the test we can say that just like in nutrition, freshness, top ingredients and optimal recipe are important.

What level of freshness and effectiveness do you expect from your product?


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" I love that my skin care products are just as fresh as the food I eat - Gourmet to my skin"

Kirsi Kaukonen- Niki Newd Co- Founder