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Spruce Sprout Skin Mask

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True Arctic power!

Experience the transformative power of our moisturizing mask, infused with rare spruce sprout powder from the pristine forests of Finnish Lapland.
This natural wonder, revered for its antibacterial properties and abundant Vitamin C, fights aging, hyperpigmentation, and UV damage. Paired with the secret foundation of our original Niki Newd® skin mask—a blend of vital nutrients and protective compounds (amino acids, peptides and polysaccharides)—this formula revitalizes stressed skin, visibly softening fine lines for a radiant, youthful glow.
For extra effectiveness, use the mask while taking a relaxing sauna or a bath!

Skin feel

soft in consistency, soften appearance of fine lines, invigorating, moisturizing, softening, anti-aging
Suited to
all skin types, fine lines, stressed skin, unisex, vegan
Good to know

our single-use packets keep the formula fresh until the very last particle. This means that every time you apply our mask, you're treating your skin to a potent dose of antioxidants and nutrients, without any compromise in quality.


wooded, herbaceous, fresh


I use the skin mask for weekend pampering and to boost my skin. Tip: put the mask on for the duration of the sauna! Afterwards, my skin looks like I slept for 10 hours – hydrated, glowing and even. it has a natural glow.

Kirsi -32

I can literally see and feel how my skin glows as a result! Easy to apply with a pleasant, natural fragrance. I love the line.

Minna -58

My skin has never been this good during the dry and though winter season.

Antti -33

Niki Newd Forever! Freshness is the key!
Pure is the best!
Beeswax Beautifies!
Ideal Ingredients!
Superb Skin!

Tuuli -60

I was looking for help for my aging seborrhea skin and it's really great to see that Niki Newd products brought the desired help: Daily washing with Oatmeal Soap keeps the inflammation away and Skin Glow nourishes my thirsty skin. I couldn't believe it when I saw my refreshed and cheered up face in the elevator mirror on the way to work.

Anna -50



Niki Newd has been featured in the Vogue Scandinavia article introducing beauty trends of 2022.

According to Vogue Scandinavia, powdered skincare is one of the rising trends. Niki Newd skin masks were highlighted as pioneering and most loved products of the trend.