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Niki Newd skin care and edible ingredients


Think about freshly pressed orange juice or a loaf of warm bread fresh from the oven. What is common with these two?

Both are freshly made.

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Orange juice is best when fresh

Just like that freshly pressed orange juice, our products are at their very best when fresh. This is why our products are not artificially processed to have a long shelf life, meaning that we never use preservatives or alcohol in our products.

When we think about the beneficial nutrients of ingredients in skin care products, many of them break down and lose their potency during time. In order to get all the benefits of the beautiful ingredients, they should be applied onto the skin in a relatively short amount of time after production.

Packaging has a role in protecting nutrient potency too, and using packaging materials that block UV-radiation and cut down oxidation helps the product stay as effective as possible. All the above has been taken into consideration when designing Niki Newd products.

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Use by dates

To us, ensuring the potency of nutrients and inimitable freshness means use by dates. Imagine grocery shopping and having two options for bread. One is an artisan made loaf by your local baker, freshly made. Another is bulk toast with a use-by date next year. Which one would you choose?

I know, might sound exaggerated. But it pretty much sums up our decision on not wanting to add preservatives or alcohol to our skin care products either.

Long story short. We recommend using our products within following times:

  • Skin Butter, Balm, Glow, Velvet, Silk, Graceful Mama & Oat meal soap - 6 months 
  • All Skin Masks - 2 months 
  • Skin Cream & Skin Mist - 2 month

Niki Newd blog post

Storing Niki Newd Products

Since we don’t use any preservatives or alcohol, you might wonder how to store our products. It's actually pretty simple:

  • Skin Cream and Skin Mist are kept refrigerated
  • All the other products can be stored at room temperature. 

But why in the fridge? That’s a question we hear every now and then. The answer is quite simple. Skin Cream and Skin Mist contain arctic spring water and our other products don’t. In addition, Niki Newd® Skin Cream is re-writing the history of moisturizing creams. It is the first moisturizing cream 100% free from preservatives and alcohol. When a cream contains water (aqua), it is usually preserved with alcohol and preservatives. However, using those in our products is against our fundamental values. Therefore we have decided to solve the matter differently -  we store the moisturizer in the fridge instead of room temperature. How cool, genius and simple is that? 

And last but not least!

Because Skin Cream & Skin Mist love to stay refrigerated, they are always delivered by express delivery in a special cool box. And yes, all packaging materials are recyclable. 

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